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Bag Package Lance-balles

Take full advantage of the Slinger Bag Package with all the Slinger accessories. Includes: Slingshot T-One Launcher, oscillator, ball tube and camera mount.

The Slinger Bag Slingshot T-One Launcher is the ultimate tennis equipment for every tennis player.
It combines a tennis bag with a ball machine. Made with portability in mind, Slinger Bag is extremely versatile and can be placed anywhere on the court to practice any stroke type at different speeds, as well as frequencies and at different heights.

The package includes a Slingshot T-One launcher, oscillator, ball pick-up tube and camera mount.


Slinger bag weighs 15kg/33lbs
Dimensions: 14" x 18" x 34"
Ball speed varies from 10/45mph - 16/73kmh
Powerful lithion ion battery lasts up to 5 hours
Easy on/off control of both the Slinger Bag and Slinger Oscillator with the convenient remote control
Oscillator has an oscillating span that covers the entire playing field from side to side
Turn the slinger pick-up tube around to simply return the balls to the slinger bag and continue playing

Click here to download the instruction manual:'s/2022/Slinger_User_Guide_UPDATED_JAN_11_2022.pdf's/2022/battery_pack_user_guide_jan2021.pdf

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Slinger Bag Package Lance-balles

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Achète le Slinger Bag et profite de -20% supplémentaire sur les balles. Je découvre
Achète le Slinger Bag et profite de -20% supplémentaire sur les balles. Je découvre